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ESSAY: Human resource

Assignment 2: Case Study—The Case of the Misguided Supervisors
Writing Assignment
Read The Case of the Misguided Supervisors. Use the Argosy University online library for additional research, and do the following in a Word document:
In 1–2 paragraphs, summarize the case and your research that relates to the case.
In 2–3 pages, answer the following:

Why would an organization care whether its supervisors speak in favor of or against union representation? Explain and justify your answer.
How could the hospital in this example have prepared its supervisors to understand their proper role during an organizing campaign? Explain and justify your answer.


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It is legal and right of any employees to be part of a labor union. However, the management reserve the authority to direct employee’s action towards the accomplishment of the set business goals (Cascio, 2018). To achieve this, the employers need to have a positive relationship with employees in order to reduce the need for union representations, by ensuring that employees are satisfied. In the scenario under review, charge nurses are entitled to engage in activities of organizing the nurses at a California hospital in order to help address the welfare of all care xxxxxxxxxxxxxin the union’s meetings was legal, and NLRB and the court had to uphold the…

The hospital management must be concerned about whether the chosen union representation is for or against the activities of the hospital because actions of the union may have detrimental effects on the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx are in support of union representation, they encourage other employees in the organization to embrace the suggestions of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, this may have efficiency and financial implications in the hospital since the union may seek for the implementation of policies that are not in line with the objectives….

Supervisors xxxxxxxxxxxxx with employees and their decisions are critical xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of the organization (Gamble, 2011). Therefore, the hospital would have trained charge nurses on their roles as xxxxxxxxxxxxxx participatory and open meetings would have been held to discuss potential xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx would have created a platform to explain the hospital’s p…

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