ESSAY: Human resource

This assignment is designed to integrate the reflection of personal experience and the information covered in the textbook. Assuming you are Ludmilla responding to a recent email from Juanita, answer the following questions:
Besides cultural differences, what other factors might affect human resource management with this international office?
What abilities will help Juanita succeed and potentially fail in this assignment as an expatriate?
What has been the reason for the high failure rate of expatirate managers in Uzbekistan? What can Ludmilla do to increase the success of expats?
Since Uzbekistan has been significantly influenced by Russia for over 70 years, from Hofstede’s perspective, what impact has culture had on appraisal systems, self- managing teams, and systems for gathering suggestions from workers?


Factors affecting human resource management (HRM) in an international office

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Apart from cultural differences, HRM is also affected by political, environmental, technological, and economic factors. First, the regime in office dictates employment policies to be adopted by companies. Such policies outlines procedure for hiring as well as taxation on employment income. During the recession, companies lay off employees to cut salary costs. HRM activities are also affected by technology (Cravens, Oliver, Oishi & Stewart, 2015). Companies adopt new technology to improve employee skills. This necessitates the HR managers to understand new inventions for skills development. Lastly, environmental factors also affect the HR activities. For example, the manager should consider the availability of employees during extreme weather conditions. In such cases, the HR manager may allow telecommuting …

Success Qualities Needed by Juanita

For Juanita to succeed, she needs to have intellectual qualities such as clarity, fairness, critical-thinking, industry knowledge, management knowledge, and XXXXXXXXXXXXXX qualities are also important for her XXXXXXXXXXXXX personal drive, versatility, confident, self-awareness, approachable, and patience. Lastly, social attributes that Juanita need to succeed as an expatriate include XXXXXXXXXXXXXX to create and maintain a good working relationship with people from different cultures XXXXXXXXXXXXXX may potentially fail in this assignment as an expatriate if she portrays negative attributions such as lack of transparency, poor communication of strategies, being overly conservative, being too slow to adapt, or having unclear XXXXXXXX reasons that may lead to high rate of expatriate failure include…

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