ESSAY: Iatrogenic Hymenal Case Study Write-Up

Submit a write-up based on the iatrogenic hymenal case study (Spencer, 2005) in this week’s Learning Materials. After reading the case study about M.J., document a write-up of her female genitalia system. Pay attention to proper sequencing of the exam in your write-up, and limit it to 100 words or less. Be sure to use proper terminology and technical writing skills.

Spencer, M. J. (2005). Iatrogenic hymenal injury. Topics in Emergency Medicine, 27(1), 89–89.


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Iatrogenic Hymenal Case Write-Up

A 6-year-old girl visited the facility with genital bleeding. Object insertion, inappropriate touch, external injuries, urinary tract infections, diabetes, or kidney diseases were ruled out. A pediatrician review and urine tests did not identify the cause of the bleeding either. Eventually, a detailed examination under general anesthesia revealed a hymenal orifice of 40 to 50 mm horizontal diameter and 20 to 30 mm vertical diameter. Hymen was identified as the primary source of bleeding. There were also ana…

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