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ESSAY: Identifying and Associating With Professional Coalitions

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Week 7: Identifying and Associating With Professional Coalitions

Involvement in interdisciplinary professional coalition/organizations allows the healthcare professional to stay current in their field or specialty, gain an understanding and navigate socio-political environments, as well as contribute their ideas to their healthcare specialty.

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Research your state’s exemptions and differences within your state regarding laws requiring vaccinations for school-age children.

My state is VIRGINIA

Find the professional coalition/organization that supports the use of vaccines for school-age children


Identifying and Associating with Professional Coalitions

Professional’s coalition is the collaboration of more than one department in an organization to work towards achieving the same goal. It is essential in the field of healthcare since it creates a platform to share diversified information’s to develop effective treatment procedures. Professional coalition in health care helps reduce the disease burden, treatment errors, and total health care expenditure (Liao et al., 2016). The alliance in medical care are either formed by internal or external forces and are viewed as elements that address the health needs of a community. They are divided into two types namely, community based and collective action coalitions.

Vaccination of school going children in my home state, Virginia, is guided by several laws and policies which are keenly observed to ensure a healthy young population. Schools in Virginia are strictly prohibited from admitting any student unless a document that shows proof of vaccination is presented to the admitting officials of the school. The student is also offered a chance to receive immunization and get certification from a qualified and certified physician (Collins, 2015). Each school records student immunization on the immunization record to keep check of every child. The file is transferred from the school to another in case the student shifts from m..

Immunization Action Coalition is one of the professional coalition that supports the application of vaccines for school-aged children. It is a website that plays a role of providing medical professionals with information and resources that make discussions about immunization easy with the concerned patients (Collins, 2015). The organization works to convince patients towards vaccination to create a …


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