ESSAY: Impact of reimbursement policies for healthcare providers on Telemedicine in California State

How does U.S. government reimbursement policies for healthcare providers impact the use of telemedicine in California state? You may use the following resources for help. (2019). S.787—115th Congress: Telehealth Innovation and Improvement Act of 2017.
National Telehealth Policy Resource Center:
Telemedicine Regulations in California (2019). Chiron Health.
Wicklund, E. (2019). CMS at ATA: Medicare coverage of telehealth will take some time. mHealth Intelligence.
American Telemedicine Association (2019). Policy updates.
American Telemedicine Association (2019) State of the states report: Coverage and reimbursement.


Healthcare reimbursement refers to the payments that healthcare providers receive for the provision of medical services. The amount of money is dependent on the national program policies or health insurer. Once the patient receives the medical service at a health facility, the healthcare provider sends a bill to the party responsible for covering the individual’s medical costs.

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However, the scenario changes significantly when dealing with telehealth. The technological advancements make it more difficult for the healthcare providers and facilities to seek reimbursement from both the private insurers and the government payers such as Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) (Rosenfeld, 2019). The primary issue affecting the effectiveness ….

Despite the legal issues associated with these technological advancements, California is among the leading states in the U.S that has approved a bill that would result in healthcare facilities being reimbursed for telemedicine at the same rate as in-person doctor visits. Currently, physicians dealing in telemedicine are reimbursed at a 15 percent rate, as opposed to the higher reimbursement levels offered by insurers for personal in-patient visits (Chiron, 2019). Telehealth Innovation and Improvement Act of 2017 will change …

While the Bill will affect most of the people under the Medicaid and Medicare insurance plans, the biggest winners will be the patients living in rural areas (Rosenfeld, 2019). This is because rural areas are most likely to have physician shortages, hence restricting the access to good healthcare due to their remote areas. Increasing the reimbursement for telemedicine consultations will ensure that more people in rural areas are in a position to receive the help and attention they…

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