ESSAY: Inflammation, Tissue Repair, and Wound Healing Case Study

Inflammation, Tissue Repair, and Wound Healing Case Study

A red, hot, swollen, and painful wound as stated in the case study are four significant signs of inflammation. The act of dilation by small blood vessels in the injury location is the cause of redness. Hotness emerges as a result of increased speed of blood flow in the affected area and is explicitly encountered in the peripheral body parts. The accumulation of fluids outside the blood vessels in the affected region lead to swelling (Kaukonen et al., 2015).  Lastly, pain in the area is as a result of specific inflammation chemical mediators, which include serotonin, prostaglandins, and bradykinin.

Acute inflammation has different symptoms when compared to chronic inflammation, a response that happens in internal organs. Unlike acute inflammation, common signs of chronic inflammation are mouth sores, fatigue, fever, chest, and abdominal pain. The symptoms can last for months or years and range from mild to severe. Injuries on the body cause acute inflammation response. On the other hand, inflammatory responses that happen in internal organs are as a result of improper treatment of acute inflammation-causes, autoimmune disorder and long-term exposure to elements such as industrial chemicals, polluted air, among other irritants. The immunologic events that occur at the local level during acute inflammatory response include vasodilatation, increased vascular permeability, leucocytic exudation, and phagocytosis. Vasodilatation occurs to allow more blood to flow to the injured area, which makes the place to become warm and red. Increased vascular permeability allows plasma proteins, leukocytes, and other fluids from the blood to immigrate and spread to the affected tissues (Kaukonen et al., 2015). During Leukocyte exudation, the monocytes and neutrophils

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