ESSAY: International Organization

Technology has allowed even the smallest organization to operate internationally. Along with this amazing opportunity comes many challenges. I would like for you discuss a few of these challenges from an organizational behavior standpoint, meaning challenges within the organization itself. You can either discuss the company you currently work for, or you can discuss a company that you are familiar with in some way. While you are not required to formally cite your sources within the forum, you should make sure that you are incorporating information from the readings into your responses. Your responses should clearly show that you have read the material.


International Organization: Technology-Related Challenges

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Technology has promoted business operations to an international level through creating a digital globalization effect to a firm’s operations. Despite coverage of a wide market, technology has exposed a number of challenges to business that have degraded their successful growth rate.

Information Technology (IT) privacy and security has been the major challenge that technology has subjected to organizations. Cybersecurity is a common topic across the globe where cyber criminals have taken advantage of businesses using technology to either deprive business of their data and counter their performance or extort customers in the online platform (Sohrabi, Gholipour & Amiri, 2011). Despite constant growth in the technology businesses use, IT privacy and security has also been a growing challenge since cyber criminals have continuously advanced with the technology. Organizations need to implement more sophisticated technological systems…    

Resources management is another challenge that has emerged as a result of growth in technology. Technology comes with an overhaul of resources that need to be implemented in a business. First of all, technology infrastructure requires every individual to be trained on the system being implemented. Resources must be invested in training and infrastructure installation to facilitate effective functioning of technology (Sohrabi, Gholipour & Amiri, 2011). Technology continually demand resources especially due to upgrade…

Bridging IT and the business has also been another challenge that technology has subjected to a business. IT standards have required organizations to perform stringent measures to ensure that they comply with regulatory initiatives (Sohrabi, Gholipour & Amiri, 2011). Bridging these IT measures with business objectives has, at times, been a great challenge which makes businesses to compromise their interests. Developing an IT strategy that runs in coordination and agreement with business interests has been a challenge …


Sohrabi, B., Gholipour, A., & Amiri, B. (2011). The Influence of Information Technology on Organizational Behavior. International Journal of E-Collaboration7(2), 19-34. Doi: 10.4018/jec.2011040102

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