ESSAY: Intro to statistics

Now that we have passed the half-way mark of the class, tell us in at least 250 words what you think about learning math online?

Name at least one thing that you really enjoy about the class (come on, there must be something!) and at least one improvement that could make this class even better. Feel free to editorialize!

Also, this is a good time to make a “keep-quit-start” resolution.

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What are you doing to help yourself learn in this class that you are going to keep doing because it’s working?
What are you doing that is hindering you from learning in this class that you are going to quit doing?
What do you think will help you improve your learning in this class that you are going to start doing?


Introduction to Statistics

            I think learning math online is about convenience, and stepping out of one’s comfort zone to experience something different, which eventually boils down to the same thing – understanding math. Learning math online means using the World Wide Web (the Internet) to my advantage, and getting to enroll in some readily available math programs. The fact that I can learn math conveniently means I can plan and control my time. Sometimes it may be frustrating when I do not understand classroom math calculations…

            I did enjoy the flexibility that came with different math topics, and the ability to switch from one topic to the other or revert to previous sections for clarification made the class enjoyable. Accordingly, the simplified videos showing different problems, and ways of solving them made it enjoyable (Nguyen, 2017), especially when I combined or related the transcript version with videos for better understanding. At the same time, I felt that one improvement for this class was a fast Internet connection. The Internet would s…

            Lastly, I am currently combining virtual learning with transcript mathematical calculations, which works for me so far. I intend to focus more on virtual learning as different math equations are highlighted during calculations, which act as stimulants to trigger math memory (Nguyen, 2017). However, I tend to battle distractions from other online content, and with a short attention span, it makes it difficult to take advantage of the learning time, something that I intend to quit. Additionally, I will start …


Nguyen, V. A. (2017). The impact of online learning activities on student learning outcome in blended learning course. Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, 16(4). doi: 10.1142/S021964921750040X

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