ESSAY: Language Lesson Plan Critique

Access an elementary grade level language (grammar or vocabulary) lesson plan. This can be a lesson you already have or one from the internet.

Evaluate the lesson. Look for evidence of grammar or academic vocabulary strategies and differentiated learning for EL students.

Write a 800- to 1200-word critique on the lesson plan and address the following:

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· A description of the evidence you found within the lesson that reflects the three UDL guidelines and differentiated learning strategies

· Modifications you would include in the lesson to make it more comprehensible for EL students and your rationale for those modifications

· Instructional strategies you would use to adapt the content and/or the materials (including technology) for students at different English language proficiency levels

Include the lesson plan with your critique.


Language Lesson Plan Critique

The evaluated lesson plan used for this task is one written by Lily Jones and is meant for first-grade pupils in kindergarten. The key objective to be captured during the lesson was for pupils to be able to define vocabulary words. In the plan, the pupils were to define words in the context of a sentence using a picture dictionary as ….  

An evaluation based on UDL and Differentiated Learning

There exist three UDL principles that govern a lesson prepared for learners. They include having different means of acquiring knowledge and information, offering learners the chance to demonstrate what it is they know and lastly having different ways to tap into learner’s interests, provide different changes and opportunities for problem-solving as well as motivation. Looking at the introductory part of the lesson plan, it clearly activates the interests of the learner by allowing them to reflect on moments they did not know the meaning of a new word (Jones, 2018). By allowing them to use even their local languages, they can freely discuss, tickle their emotions and even make fun out of it. Being an introductory part, they will have their minds get stimulated and hence expect more from the lesson (Sparapani et al.., 2018). The introduction also shows learners that not knowing such words is not shameful and that is why the lesson is to help. It thus makes….

The lesson also introduces vocabulary cards that the teacher will use to teach new words to learners. In terms of the sentences, learners are to read a paragraph and point out new words that they have learned and written them on the board. The aspect of re-reading sections where new words exist is useful for emphasis and can help learners discern meaning even on their own. The lesson also seeks to use picture dictionary worksheets where pupils will use to write at least five new words with the help of a partner. To me, this is important as it enables pupils to learn from each other. The pupils are also challenged to use new words in their sentences which can easily sharpen their understanding. I can, therefore, conclude that the lesson plan well captures the three UDL principles as they can gain new knowledge, they are challenged as well as given opportunities to learn independently. However, I feel it could have been more efficient if a song could have been incorporated in the lesson. In songs, it is definite that some words could be new and hence allow them to learn such words as well as break the boredom…

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