ESSAY: Leadership

LESSONS FROM DISTINGUISHED LEADERS, Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman and Winston Churchill are noted as distinguished leaders in History. Select one and discuss their leadership philosophies as they relate to the leadership styles and characteristics in the chapter.



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Abraham Lincoln

Most leaders handle businesses on their premises in an anonymous way. However, Abraham Lincoln was well known by the people to use a kind of leadership that many like. Lincoln served as the president of the United States, and most of the initiatives that he undertook were clear. He was a transformational kind of a leader who was well known for his emotional intelligence as well as empathy (Brown, 2016). Lincoln knew that establishing the right bonds among the people was the right way to remain in the electorate position. He made sure that he gained respect from all those who knew him as a president and also as a citizen.

Lincoln also made use of social skills aside from empathy and emotional intelligence. He was always willing to link up with everyone, and this gave him a charismatic kind of leadership. Many loved his social aspects as he could come up with teams to handle matters of the nation (Goethals & Allison, 2014). When the Second World War was approaching, Lincoln came up with a cabinet that was full of political rivals, and he still wanted them to work together in order to accomplish the set mission. He had the ability to recognize a team that would lead to success.

Additionally, Lincoln had the characteristic of motivation. He was willing to share the passion that he had in a project and therefore got the support that he needed from the people. He relied on supporting people and also made them realize that they could achieve their missions if they wanted (Moreton, 2008). Lincoln was a leader who made all his points clear and ensured that the people practiced the same for a better part of his leadership tenure.


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