ESSAY: Leadership and Liability of Correctional officers

Describe the different perspective of liability that officers may have from correctional leaders. Discuss why leadership styles may need to be adjusted in different prison environments. Finally, discuss how you as a correctional leader would handle officers ethichical issues such as not reporting inmate altercations as required.


Leadership and Liability of Correctional officers
Correctional leaders have a great role to play in any correctional facility. Prisons may not be run well because of ideologies, good laws or good philosophies but rather by good leaders who are ready to establish policies and ensure they are followed to the latter. There are, however, different liabilities that officers may have from such correctional leaders, as will be shown in this essay. Furthermore, this essay will seek to discuss the different leadership styles that such leaders may need as they work in different prison environments. The last aspect to consider will be how to handle unethical behavior, such as not reporting inmate …
Different perspectives of liability that officers may have from correctional leaders
Correctional leaders have many expectations from the prison officers in the setting that they work in. The first liability that leaders have from officers is reporting any unethical behavior that emanates from other officers. Leaders expect that if one officer behaves unethically, such instances can be reported in time by other officers.
Another liability is to undertake a search of inmates in a more ethical manner when looking for contraband goods and other items not meant to be in a prison facility. If a…

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