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ESSAY: Leadership and Management

Then, write a summary (in your own words) of what leadership means to you. Explain why leadership and management are different. Use your own words. Read the material and then format your reply to include a personal example where you have witnessed a good leader and a good manager or a poor leader or manager. Relate to the class how these leaders or managers affected you. Do you think that all good managers must be good leaders to be effective?

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words, not including repeated questions, references and quotes. Please respond to at least 2 other students. Responses should be a minimum of 100 words and include direct questions. Use your own words. Direct quotes should be rare in these short forum posts. If you do have a quote, you should add on to your post so that in the end you have 250 words of your own. Once you post your forum response you will then see other student posts


What leadership means to Me
The definition of leadership always varies depending on one’s thoughts, expectations and the nature of the organization. Based on these facts, it is right to argue that every person has an idea of what being a leader is. To me, leadership can be defined as an art that gives a person the ability to motivate and influence others in order to attain a common goal. In a business setting, for instance, leadership involves mapping out the direction of a team or an organization as well as ensuring that employees are motivated to meet the organization’s goals (Bird & Mendenhall, 2016). Leadership must also be based on positive ideas, effective communication, being visionary and possess skills like honesty, emotional intelligence, creativity, and proper relations.
Why Leadership and Management Are Different
Aspects of leadership and management can be differentiated based on who a leader or manager is. While leadership entails solving novel problems, making things happen, and initiating change, management focus on activities such as organizing people, setting objectives, developing people, and measuring performance. Leadership is about ensuring that people undertake what one feels is right without necessarily making them feel disrespected or devalued. Management, on the other hand, entails using all means possible to ensure that whatever a leader wants is implemented without caring much about how people feel (Bolden, 2016).
My dad has always portrayed qualities of effective leadership because he is so understanding, motivating and a good communicator as well. On many occasions, he has consulted us in every undertaking. I have also witnessed a good manager in our school. Our college principle is so down to earth and understanding even in situations when one has done a wrong. This trait has made me a better person as I can make decisions independently and responsibly.

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