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ESSAY: Leadership Ethics and Team Leadership

Review the weekly lesson and read the articles provided in the lesson section of the classroom. Also read (llink) Chapter 6 pages 158-165 in the Dugan text.

Videos to view:

Team Leadership

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Business Ethics Speaker

The Effects of Enron Fraud

Then review the week seven lesson in the lessons section of the classroom. Specifically, review the Case Study on Ethics in that lesson.

Then choose one of the following two questions to answer for this week’s forum:

1 – After reviewing the Case Study on Ethics in the lesson section of the classroom, answer the four questions presented at the end of that case study.


2- If you were a supervisor in a large corporation and you have just selected eight of your employees to sit on a team to propose a new procedure for the production line, what steps would you, as team leader, take to help increase the team’s effectiveness.


Leadership Ethics and Team Leadership

A team leader is tasked with activities that aim at ensuring that members of the team work in a collective manner to achieve an already predetermined goal. In a task to propose a new procedure for a production line, the team leader is entirely responsible for the effectiveness of the team. Various steps including boosting the morale of team members should be put in place to…

The basic step to enhance team effectiveness is to understand every team member and his or her area of expertise. ¬†Team members are selected from a pool of skilled employees where each of the member has a specific set of skills that can help in development of an effective procedure (Mehta & Mehta, 2017). A team leader should engage the members to understand their attitudes towards their area of expertise and encourage them to handle their areas with optimum efficiency. This approach is referred to as specialization an…

The team leader should then ensure that employees are allowed to practice their innovativeness in their tasks. Team members always treasure work done with their most special skills. Activities such as involvement of team members in planning meetings and coordination of activities between team members will facilitate development of creativity and innovative ideas among team members (Mehta & Mehta, 2017). Ensuring that every team members has a capacity to be creative helps in developing…

Finally, the team leader can request for breaks within working hours to allow members to rest and reflect on their activities (Mehta & Mehta, 2017). Breaks will ensure that any huge task is solved through evaluating a problem …


Mehta, A., & Mehta, N. (2017). Knowledge integration and team effectiveness: A team goal orientation approach. Decision Sciences49(3), 445-486. doi: 10.1111/deci.12280

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