ESSAY: Legislation Comparison Grid and Testimony/Advocacy Statement

The Assignment: (1- to 2-page Comparison Grid; 1- to 2-page Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement)

Part 1: Legislation Comparison Grid

Based on the health-related bill (proposed, not enacted) you selected, complete the Legislation Comparison Grid Template. Be sure to address the following:

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Determine the legislative intent of the bill you have reviewed.
Identify the proponents/opponents of the bill.
Identify the target populations addressed by the bill.
Where in the process is the bill currently? Is it in hearings or committees?
Is it receiving press coverage?
Part 2: Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement

Based on the health-related bill you selected, develop a 1page Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement that addresses the following:

Advocate a position for the bill you selected and write testimony in support of your position.
Describe how you would address the opponent to your position. Be specific and provide examples.
Recommend at least one amendment to the bill in support of your position.



Legislation Comparison Grid and Testimony/ Advocacy Statement

Health-related Bill NameACA pre-existing conditions Act
Bill NumberAct No. 1144
DescriptionIn health care, a pre-existing condition refers to the medical condition an individual may have been suffering from before the health benefits form any insurance coverage went into effect. The Affordable Care Act had a provision that ensured that even pre-existing conditions are covered on the bill, making it more…
Federal or State?This is a federal Bill since it is under scrutiny by the Senate…
Legislative IntentThe legislative intent for this particular bill is to hinder and reverse the earlier decision to ensure that pre-existing conditions are covered by the private insurance companies, despite the medical condition affecting the individual. The proponents of this bill are seeking to restore several aspects of the original ACA conditions and terms. The first being the guaranteed issue, whereby insurers cannot deny an individual a coverage policy based on their health. Secondly, health insurers should not use the individual’s state of health to set their premiums (Glied & Jackson, 2017). Thirdly, private insurance companies cannot deny coverage to individuals who may be suffering from already pre-existing conditions before they signed up for insurance coverage. Lastly, the bill seeks to ensure that the insurance companies do not offer…
Proponents/ OpponentsProponents: The major proponents of this bill are the senators and health providers, who understand the complexity involved in the provision of the necessary health care services to individuals suffering from various…
Opponents: The bill’s opponents are the insurance companies because they stand to lose a lot of profit should the bill be signed into law (Levitt et al., 2016).
Target PopulationThe target population is individuals suffering from pre-existing conditions and cannot receive insurance coverage as a result.
Status of the bill (Is it in hearings or committees? Is it receiving press coverage?)The law is still being debated upon in Congress and is receiving intense press coverage because it is addressing the primary aspect of financing individual health …                     
General Notes/CommentsSupporting this bill helps in ensuring that the healthcare needs of the American people are adequately addressed, especially in instances where the individual affected needs the coverage to gain access to…

Ensuring that this bill goes through and is signed into law will help in showing how much the American leaders are looking into the basic needs of their citizens. This bill will allow individuals to gain coverage for all their medical conditions, which will be quite significant, especially for affected individuals (Eltorai & Eltorai, 2017). While addressing the opponents, it would be essential to show the need to push through with this bill, by indicating the necessity and usefulness of the bill to the American people (Glied & Jackson, 2017). It would also help in advocating for the bill by showing just how expensive medical care is mainly in instances where the individual does not have access to pre-existing conditions coverage. However, one amendment that may apply to this bill would be the need to increase the federal funding accorded to the states that opt to embrace this bill (Levitt et al., 2016). This would also be crucial in ensuring that the affects individuals, who re…

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