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ESSAY: Lung Diagnosis

Discussion question:
Common lung disorder Asthma
Less common Restrictive lungs disorder

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Lung Diagnosis

Lungs are essential organs of the respiratory system that plays significant roles of gas exchange in the body by extracting oxygen from the atmosphere and transferring it into the bloodstream as well as releasing toxic gases from the bloodstream into the atmosphere. Oxygen is vital in the body for the cells to grow and function as required and a healthy person should breathe approximately 25, 000 times a day. Primary methods of diagnosing lung-related problems include chest x-ray, pulse oximetry, Blood tests, surgical biopsy, chest CT, spirometry, or bronchoscopy with biopsy (Goolsby & Grubbs, 2018). Lung related health problems affect the breathing rate by either slowing it down or raising it. Studies indicate a devastating rise in the number of patients with lung illnesses, a significant contributor to the high death rates in the globe (Goolsby & Grubbs, 2018). Some of the disorders that affect the lungs are Asthma and Restrictive Lung Disorder.


Asthma is a long-term inflammatory disease where the airway swell, narrows, and produces excess mucus, which limits breathing and leads to wheezing and coughing.  The disease develops to become a severe health problem that can threaten life. Spirometry and Pulmonary function test are the most effective techniques to apply when diagnosing the condition. The ratio of diminished Forced Expiratory Volume in a second to Forced Vital Capacity shows the obstructed airflow. The use of bronchodilators contributes to the occurrence of some level of reversibility. However, peak flow meters may not be applied in diagnosis since they are only useful when determining the reaction towards administered medication and monitoring the changes in symptoms. Asthma may be treated using quick-relief and long-term control medicines such as Beta2-agonists, Anticholinergics, Inhaled corticosteroid, Oral corticosteroids, leukotriene modifiers, Cromolyn sodium, Methylxanthines, and Immunomodulators. Differential diagnoses are fundamental to rule out other diseases that mimic Asthma. It is important to know whether the signs and symptoms relate to Asthma or not because the strategy for managing or treating the disease is likely to be different. The physician

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