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ESSAY: Master Action Plan for marketing in Health care adminison


By the end of this course, you will need to prepare and submit a management action plan (MAP) addressing a specific healthcare problem or scenario. This can be either a “real world” management problem within your own healthcare organization or a scenario from the list in the Unit II Project Topic assignment.

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Please include documentation of all six steps shown below in your submission of the MAP assignment.

Clarify the Problem or Opportunity for Improvement (OFI)

Clearly describe the problem or OFI that you have selected for your MAP. Why is it important to resolve this problem right now? What are the consequences of not resolving this problem right now?

Clarify your Measurable Goal

Clearly describe the desired outcome from your MAP implementation. What are you trying to accomplish? How will successful MAP implementation be measured and assessed? What realistic constraints do you have as you begin creation of your plan? Consider limits on time, money, and other resources that are specific to your MAP.

Prepare a List of Possible Actions

Consider possible root causes of the OFI. Why do you believe the problem exists? Brainstorm and present a list of all possible actions that you may need to take in order to achieve your MAP goal. At this stage, focus on generating as many different options and ideas as possible. It is likely that not all of your ideas will make it into your final MAP. Write down your ideas just as they come to your mind, trying not to judge or analyze them at this stage.

In your brainstorming, be sure to consider ideas* involving the following:



clinical performance,



clinical support services,

knowledge management,

human resources,

financial management,

internal consulting, and


*It is understood that some of these areas may not apply to your particular MAP, but all areas should at least be considered in this process.

Organize your Key Action Steps into a Management Action Plan

Decide on the sequencing of your key action steps. For each key action step, what other steps must be completed before that specific action can be taken? Rearrange your key action steps into a sequence of ordered activity. Then, look at your plan once again. Are there any ways to simplify the plan further before presenting it?


For each key action step, assign a responsible party or group within your organization (by position, department, or team name, not by individual name), and assign a suspense date by which the key action step must be completed. Then, based upon all of your key action steps and their suspense dates, provide a realistic completion date for the entire MAP.

Measurement and Monitoring

Now, explain in detail how you will measure the success of your MAP following implementation and how you will monitor ongoing performance to prevent regression and loss of the positive change that has taken place.

Your plan should consist of no less than four pages, and any outside sources should be cited and referenced using APA formatting.  


Bullock County Hospital

Marketing in health Admission Master Action plan

  1. Problem or Opportunity for Improvement (OFI)

The main challenge facing the hospital is lack of essential marketing plans that can admit more clients. It is my conviction that if the marketing plan is good, more clients will come in and eventually make more referrals and hence improve the name of the facility. Lack of marketing plan has been made worse by complains from other customers who complain of leaking of personal patient data which is a breach of ethical standards in healthcare.

The eventual implications of not solving this in time will be reduction in numbers of clients and continued lack of faith in the services being delivered. It may also fail to attract best brains in healthcare since some professional practitioners will fear to have their name tarnished.

  1. Measurable goal

The main aim is to lay down marketing strategies that will ensure that more patients access our services

The next goal is to identify leakage in our systems which has been the reason as to why patient data leaks hence resulting in loss of confidence. The lack of appropriate marketing measures will also be addressed through establishment of a relevant department fr effective service delivery.

However, some of the constraints that I foresee are constraints in budget allocation since marketing can be at times very costly. Time may also be an issue as we need to redeem the marketing image of the organization as quickly as possible.

  1. Desired outcome from the MAP implementation

The desired outcome from the implementation is to see a vibrant marketing strategy which ensures that customer loyalty is obtained. The best way to accomplish this is to consider and address every concern that patients give, to provide services that are good and acceptable (Ansah et al., 2017). Lastly, ensure that patient data is kept safely as a way of promoting confidence from patients.

  1. Prepare a List of Possible actions

One of the possible actions is to restructure the mission statement of the organization and improve its online platform as a way through which most people can be able to access what we do and develop an interest. The statement can speak volumes of what the facility stands for and what it advocates. This can be an easy strategy of marketing.

Empowering the marketing department through financial support as well as motivating them to sharpen their marketing skills. This will ensure that they lay down relevant strategies to redeem the lost number of patients who may have lost confidence. Improving patient safety and adhering to ethical standards…

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