ESSAY: Motivation

View the following YouTube videos and respond to the discussion question.

“The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us”

This is a YouTube video running a bit over ten minutes but well worth your time.

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Have you ever worked at a company where you have received recognition for your contributions? Was the recognition one that you appreciated or did if fall flat?



Yes, I have worked at a company where I received recognition for my contributions. The common consensus is that I am more productive towards achieving the organization’s goals if I feel well appreciated. Many factors may motivate my behavior as an employee in the workplace, such as financial incentives, personal growth, and development, a pleasant working environment, career satisfaction, among others. Regardless of the reason for motivation, each employee reacts differently to certain types of motivation. For example, I was yearning for personal growth and career actualization, therefore, I was less likely to respond to monetary motivation. On the contrary, I was more likely…

Employee recognition is an essential aspect of the motivation of employees. Therefore, to ensure recognitions do not fall flat, they should possess certain qualities. First, my triumphs as an employee should be public to the whole team or organization at large. Also, the recognition should span across hierarchical boundaries to be effective. Secondly, recognition should be timely. Recognizing my efforts as an employee at the time they occur was vital and contributed to a lasting impact and provided a current stream of positive feedback. Third, the recognition …

Lastly, the recognitions were employee-specific. Making generic comments on my achievements reduced the impact and goodwill that they intended to achieve. Rewarding should have gone to particular accomplishments in my job. Recognitions should have specified the ways that I had contributed to the success of the organization. For example, a statement like, “Jane has not only crushed her total personal sales target for 2019, but her total sales account for 20% of the company’s total sales in the third quarter,” has more…

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