ESSAY: Nursing Public Health

What is a community leader? Give some examples of types of community leaders in public health. What are characteristics of effective community leadership?


Community Leadership

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What is a community leader?

A community leader, according to Smithies and Webster (2018), is a person that is willing to sacrifice their time to address issues or get involved with the affairs of those surrounding or living in close proximity with him/her. Wallerstein et al. (2017) consider a community leader to be a person that is committed to serving the needs of others at the expense of his/her interests. This means that community leaders take responsibility for the well-being and improvement of their communities (Wallerstein et al., 2017). This paper discusses the different types of community leaders in public health as well as their characteristics. The paper also discusses the characteristics of effective community leadership. 

Community Leaders in Public Health

Community leaders such as elders, religious leaders, political leaders, community-serving organizations, health practitioners, and parents play a critical role in promoting health equity and curbing health disparities in the society (Castle, Wendel, Pryor & Ingram, 2017). Institutions that support public health include The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The American Public Health Association, The National Association of City and County Health Officials, and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Some of the distinguished community leaders around the globe include Charles Lyons and Dr Ernest Madu.The two are distinguished community leaders that have been involved in active participation of public health. Charles Lyon was devoted to helping families affected by HIV/AIDS and promoting children’s welfare during his tenure as the president of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Having been at the helm of the foundation for quite some time, Lyon oversaw the financial and strategic development of the foundation. He was dedicated to his work and worked so hard to support families and children’s welfare through extensive research, support, and development of different programs as well.

On the other hand, Dr Ernest Madu is a renowned cardiologist that ran the Heart Institute in Kingston.The doctor was involved in integrating technologies to ensure a suitable public health system is achieved for all citizens. He did this

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