ESSAY: Organizational Behavior


The field of organizational behavior can be organized around three levels: individual level, team level, and organizational level. In other words, some theories focus on factors influencing individual behavior (e.g., personality, motivation). Some theories focus on factors influencing team or group behaviors (e.g., group development, conflict, roles). Still other theories focus on factors that tend to operate at an organizational level (e.g., structure, culture, leadership).
Select one theory or perspective that you have studied that seems to be an individual level theme. One that you have studied that seems to be a team level theme. And one that you have studied that seems to be an organizational level theme. Summarize what those theories are and why each pertains to its corresponding level (individual, team, or organization).
Analyze those three theories based on this question: Why do people do what they do in organizations? That is, how do the theories you have selected help explain “organizational behavior?”
What are the challenges, problems, or difficulties in behavior as suggested by each of your theories?
What are the potential strategies and solutions (to the challenges) as suggested by your theories?
How do your three theories seem to fit together? How do they seem to interact with each other? What important lessons can you derive from thinking about the interaction of the theories?


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Organizational behavior is the study of how people interact with each other within groups in an organization. The ultimate goal of studying organizational behavior is to try and create business organizations that are more efficient. Another idea that governs organizational behavior is an outline of scientifically proven modality that can be used to enhance relationship among workers (Marder, 2017). Different theories have been adopted to explain different levels of organizational management as a way of maximizing the productivity and enhancing creativity of members of a given group in an organization.

These theories and philosophies are also meant to foster job performance, improve innovativeness in the organization as well as promoting job satisfaction. These factors are geared towards boosting the overall organizational performance (Lawrence & Lee, 2013). This essay seeks to explain theories that influence individual behavior, group behavior as well as organizational level. These theories include human relations theory, social identity theory, and systems theory. An emphasis of what the theories are and why each theory pertains to the corresponding levels will be explained. In addition, an explanation of how the theories explain organizational behavior and challenges in behavior will also be outlined. Finally, the essay will explain how the three theories fit together and the lessons that can be drawn from such interaction.

Individual Level Theme Theory The ability of a person to handle issues within an organization either single-handedly or in a group is determined by many factors. Key among…

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