ESSAY: Overcoming Politics

Give an example of internal politics in an organization and how it can impact the implementation of total quality. Refer to this week’s lecture before crafting your post.


Overcoming Politics

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            Internal politics refer to activities undertaken to influence organizational decision-making or gain a competitive advantage in ways targeted at serving a purpose other than the overall organization’s best interests. An example of internal politics in the organization is workplace conflict. As part of workplace/organizational politics, the behavior and process involves human interactions associated with authority and power (Hon et al., 2014), and is also attributed to overcoming territorial behavior.

           Accordingly, there are ways in which this example of internal politics can be overcome in the organization. Before determining how workplace conflict between employees can impact the implementation of total quality, the territorial behavior can be tackled by refraining from jumping into conclusions, attributing the behavior to personal instinct rather than other people, avoiding generalizations, and respecting other people’s perspective (Remi, 2017).            In this case, workplace conflict can impact the implementation of total quality through its influence of the organizational structure although it is not internal politics. As argued by Bashir et al. (2019), all the extensively used organizational structures…

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