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ESSAY: Perceptual biases

Is this organization successful in dealing with diversity? How? What is the culture within this company? While you are not required to formally cite your sources within the forum, you should make sure that you are incorporating information from the readings into your responses. Your responses should clearly show that you have read the material.


Some five years ago, a friend of mine happened to be working for a multinational cooperation that dealt in selling of beauty products. I often visited him to his place of work as he was in a senior management position, which also meant that he could be part of key decision making stakeholders. From the conversations we had to the policies easily accessible on the company’s website, it was obvious that issues of cultural sensitivity through inclusivity as well as coming up with product designs that met the cultural differences of its clients are met. The fast way that the company meets cultural diversity is through its hiring policies.

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 The company’s human resource department always ensured that it employs people from diverse backgrounds, languages and even gender. A closer look at the company’s staff profile indicates that the employees have different skills which in itself increases productivity. The diversity is also a source of employee morale and makes employees to work effectively and efficiently (Huhtala, Kaptein & Feldt, 2016). The organization also has inclusive policies as well as practices that entails treating all employees equally. The leaders in the organization (including my friend) were very encouraging because they always created a platform for feedback from their juniors especially during incidents when they felt change had to be made (Shin, Hasse & Schotter, 2017).

The company also encouraged the culture of encouraging interaction through team building sessions and encouraging employees to work together through work groups. This always helped employees to know each other, value the differences they have and build on them for the good of the organization. The last aspect of diversity in the organization is in regards to training. The organization’s employee is subjected to diversity training especially those in leadership as a way of training them on how to handle their junior…

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