Essay PICO Questions and Sample Statement

Essay PICO Questions and Sample Statement

In non-mobile patients, (P) does turning the patient (I) contrasted with weight beddings (C) diminish the danger of weight ulcers? (O).

In ventilated patients (P), the head-of-bed height of 45 degrees (I) contrasted with 20 degrees (C) decrease the frequency of ventilated related pneumonia (O).

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In hospitalized children,(P) does the Wong-Baker Pain FACES Rating Scale (I) contrasted with the Child Medical Fear Scale (C) all the more adequately assess the kid’s dimension of torment (O)?

The purpose of developing PICO nursing question is to identify the present health condition of a patient by going through their previous health records. Secondly, getting the precise facts about the diagnosed disease and their remedies is also the purpose of composing these points. It really takes a lot of time to write such issues. However, you’ll end up getting fruitful results after working hard on creating those issues. The best way is to study the prior record of the patient in detail. Then, you can be able to develop a feasible set of queries with no doubt. Another noteworthy point is to focus on the 4 elements included in the PICO nursing (5 elements for PICOT statement). Otherwise, the personal additions won’t work in your favor for sure. Asking some queries personally from the patient would be more helpful. This is how you would be able to accomplish the goal without facing a lot of trouble.

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PICOT Question Topic Examples

  • Is Motivational Interviewing Effective in Assisting Smokers with Cessation?
  • Does SBAR Communication Enhance Patient Safety?
  • Does Written Feedback to Nursing Students from Educators Assist Them in Learning?
  • Do Lifestyle Modifications Decrease Gastrointestinal Reflux Symptoms?
  • Do Obese Patients Undergoing Surgery Have Increased Cardiovascular Risks?
  • What Level of Hemoglobin A1C Is Associated with Fewer Diabetes Mellitus Complications?
  • What does verbal education help patients adhere to Antihypertensive Therapy?
  • Does Drinking Green Tea Decrease Cancer Risk?
  • How Long Should Preoperative Patients Have Fluids Withheld?
  • Is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) a Risk Factor for Osteoporosis?
  • How Long After Gastrointestinal Surgery Should Patients Remain NPO?
  • Does Night Shift Adversely Affect Nurses’ Health?
  • Does Simulation Clinical Equal Hospital Clinical Experience Learning in Nursing Programs?
  • Does Night Shift for Nurses Increase Patient Care Errors?
  • Can Nurses Provide Support for Stroke Patients and Their Caregivers?
  • Does a Stress Reduction Management or Mindfulness Program Assist Student Nurses?
  • What Is the Impact of Allergic Rhinitis on Patients with Asthma?

Essay PICO Questions and Sample Statement

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