ESSAY: Presenting to Win analysis

For the Critical Assignment, each student will be writing a seven-page paper on the reading from Presenting to Win. Each paper must contain the following components:

Title page (not part of the page total)
Abstract (not part of the page total)
Introduction (briefly introducing the text and author)
Describe the importance of WIIFY
Describe how one can “know his or her audience”
Describe methods of capturing your audience
Application – how can one apply the material from this textbook to his or her education/career
In your opinion, what are the most important lessons learned from reading this text?
Scripture – minimum of three Scripture references that are applicable in today’s business environment
Reference page (not part of the page total)

-A rubric is available for this assignment
-This is your critical assignment in the course and must be passed by an acceptable grade
-All APA standards must be followed

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After reading Weissman’s Presenting to Win, one should be better placed to make successful presentations. A presentation should be tailored to a specific audience, and be able to convey strategic messages and information. The techniques and approaches provided in the book are necessary for the successful implementation of effective presentations. The book not only informs on the relevant approaches and techniques of an effective presentation but also ways of execution. The WIFFY (What’s In It For You?) is considered a core concept that advances the need to focus on the audience. Accordingly, the techniques and approaches of presentations drawn from the book can be combined with Biblical concepts and perspectives to be able to overcome the challenges of presentations, which is the main focus of this paper. In the paper, the focus is on the need to understand the audience, as well as the specific approaches for adoption from the book, including the lessons learned.

            Keywords: Presentation, MEGO, WIIFY

Presenting to Win Analysis

            Jerry Weissman’s Presenting to Win equips one with the skills to make custom presentations that are designed and tailored to a specific audience, as well as send strategic messages to that particular audience. The book provides information on the necessary approaches from the beginning until it facilitates the successful implementation of an excellent presentation (Weissman, 2014). Going through the book not only informs one on the different ways of approaching their presentation but also identify ways of execution as well. There is the WIIFY (What’s In It For You) concept, which is a dominant model. For someone seeking to understand different presentation concepts and learn more about the audience’s expectations, as well as overcome fear of speaking in public, Weissman’s book provides all that and more. Notably, the author of the book, Jerry Weissman, founded and leads Power Presentations Ltd., a company whose clients comprise leading enterprises such as Cisco Systems, Intel, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Intuit, and Dolby Laboratories (Weissman, 2009). The book describes how one of the founder’s first client, Cisco, attributed most of its success to Weissman’s empowerment on presentation strategies. Additionally, Jerry Weissman holds a Masters in Speech and Drama from Stanford University, and he…

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