ESSAY: Principles of Teaching and Learning

Considering today’s forces, trends, and issues that influence curriculum development and the changing demands in healthcare delivery, discuss how you think the nursing curricula needs to change in order to prepare nurse graduates for their future role as practicing nurses. Cite two current references (published within the last five years) to support your discussion.


Principles of Teaching and Learning

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The healthcare sector continues to witness reforms that healthcare professionals have to contend with. With increased demand to ensure quality care is guaranteed to the patient, there is a need to amend the nursing education curriculum to help train nursing practitioners that are ready to handle any emerging healthcare issue. The existing doubts have particularly informed this of whether nursing graduates are well trained to use their knowledge and skills in critical situations.

There are many ways through which the nursing curricula can be changed to meet emerging trends in the healthcare sector. I believe the curriculum needs to be changed to capture the need to use the different types of technological advancements in the healthcare sector. The technological advances in the healthcare sector is meant to improve service delivery and, more importantly, advance the provision of quality care. Since nurses have an ethical obligation to provide such kind of care, preparing them to be competent in different areas of telehealth is critical (Booth et al., 2017). On the same note, the nursing curriculum should not only emphasize on informatics but also on how to use it to provide evidence-based care in a clinical setting.

This proposal has been informed by the fact that most nurses are released to practice, yet they have no idea of the application of essential technical aspects of healthcare. Furthermore, few have an idea of how evidence-based care can be used to advance quality. Since evidence-based practices have been proven to be the current and ideal way to advocate for quality care (as it relies on evidence), coupling the practice in the curriculum will ensure that nursing graduates are all rounded and don’t have to rely on technology experts even on simple technology applications (Aglen, 2016).  


Aglen, B. (2016). Pedagogical strategies to teach bachelor students evidence-based practice: A systematic review. Nurse Education Today36, 255-263.

Booth, R. G., Sinclair, B., Strudwick, G., Brennan, L., Tong, J., Relouw, H., … & Vlasic, W. (2017). Identifying error types made by nursing students using eMAR technology. Clinical Simulation in Nursing13(10), 492-500.

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