ESSAY: Professional Nursing and State-Level Regulations

To Prepare:

Review the Resources and reflect on the mission of state/regional boards of nursing as the protection of the public through the regulation of nursing practice.
Consider how key regulations may impact nursing practice.
Review key regulations for nursing practice of your state’s/region’s board of nursing and those of at least one other state/region and select at least two APRN regulations to focus on for this Discussion..

Post a comparison of at least two APRN board of nursing regulations in your state/region with those of at least one other state/region. Describe how they may differ. Be specific and provide examples. Then, explain how the regulations you selected may apply to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) who have legal authority to practice within the full scope of their education and experience. Provide at least one example of how APRNs may adhere to the two regulations you selected.

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Resources and Mission of Regional Nursing Boards

Nursing is one of the health professionals that have to be regulated so as to ensure that only those that meet the set threshold are allowed to practice. By doing so, the risk of harm to patients is reduced. The Nurse Practice Act mandates regional boards of Nursing with the power to ensure nurses work within safe nursing practices (Kangasniemi et al., 2015). The board is also mandated to issues licenses for people who wish to practice Nursing. According to the Act, the board is supposed to provide qualifications upon which one receives the license, provide the nursing titles to be used, outline the scope of practice for every nurse and finally actions that can be taken against …

How Key Regulations Impact Nursing Practice

As an ethical and legal requirement, all patients are mandated to receive quality care at all times. Nursing regulation is, therefore, meant to protect the public by ensuring that only qualified people attend to the needs of the patients (Olson & Stokes, 2016). By overseeing the competency of the nurse through aspects such as discipline and licensing requirements, the board helps…

Key Nursing Regulations for My State and Others

There are many regulations that have been set up by the Nursing board of New Jersey. One such regulation is that an APN in New Jersey must have authority to prescribe as well as have a combined practice with at least one collaborating physician with a license to practice in New Jersey (Advanced Practice Nursing, 2018). The next regulation is for a person to be recognized as an advanced practice nurse, he/she must hold a master’s degree or a post master’s program. The two New Jersey regulations also hold for the neighboring states ….

How the Regulations Apply to APRNs who have Legal Authority

Since the regulations provided have to be met before one seeks to practice, it is assumed that the APRNs who already practice must have met the given pre-requisite regulations. APRNs may therefore adhere to these requirements by advancing their academic studies to master’s level and meeting the licensing requirements for….

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