ESSAY: Proposal for a motivation program

You have not satisfied the assignment requirements. This assignment is supposed to be based on your ideas from assignment one for a proposal for a motivation program. The context of this paper seems to be based on a start-up business.


Proposal for Motivation Program

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With the establishment of a Company in the Middle East by the US business firm, various matters have been noted. The cultural differences between the two countries have been a hindrance to the excellence of the business (Trompenaars, & Hampden-Turner, 2011). Also, the instability of currency in the Middle East has resulted in most employees finding it difficult working efficiently.  This proposal seeks to come up with ways of ensuring that the interferences are reduced through the motivation program ..

The US business firm is advised to ensure flexibility of the employees in the Middle East is guaranteed. Workers want a better balance between job and life matters. Most of the employees in the Middle East are motivated if they are given more time to spend with their families or to attend sporting events. It is proposed; therefore, that the firm considers work scheduling to allow the employees attend to their private lives when need be (Kaynak, 2015). Besides, the proposal urges the US firm to review salaries and reward systems for the employees working for them in the Middle East to cater for the challenges that they face in the region. This is due to the high cost of living characterized b….

To achieve effective communication between the US firm managers and the employees in the Middle East Company, the US managers are advised to make regular travels to the company situated in the Middle East, make face to face interactions to discuss the improvements with the employees and involve them in the decision making process (Zahra, 2003). The proposed meetings will be a key element in developing self-esteem for the employees. Additionally, the proposal demands that the US firm to offer training programs to the professionals on a regular basis to allow them understand the diversity, new business practices and culture of people in the region. This will be attained if the US business will offer prescribed external and internal training and uniting the experiences of the people…

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