ESSAY: Public Health


Describe professionalism in the context of public health. What skills, attributes, and behaviors are expected of the public health professional? What distinctive characteristics of public health would be necessary to implement in order to fully support your community?


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Public health continues to be increasingly professionalized. Other than having a degree, one requires to have both hard and soft skills as well. The specific combination of the skills integrates different roles that one hopes to fill. Some of the significant skills needed include advocacy, which is the ability for one to use research to enhance the effectiveness of a program and its policy. Other skills include the use of at least two languages in communication. Communication remains to be one of the most significant skills needed by any health care practitioner. Communication, according to Fleetwood (2017), is the ability of a person to share both internal and external ideas in verbal ….

The public health professional is also required to be able to work with others since one cannot work on their own. It is imperative to note that whether one is working with their colleagues or spearheading projects, public health in its own nature requires that a person be inclusive. Another skill or attribute needed by a public health professional is the ability to solve…

Public health professionalism is governed by different ethics that relate to health care. The ethics derive their primary content from three significant approaches founded on the precipices of moral values, that are meaningful to public health and the human rights perceptions as well(Lee,2017). These approaches shape the way that public health ethics are developing. Therefore, to fully support the community, it’s imperative for me to integrate the problem-solving skills and the communication attributes required by the profession. Moreover, one ought to adhere to…


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Lee, L. M. (2017). A bridge back to the future: Public health ethics, bioethics, and environmental ethics. The American Journal of Bioethics17(9), 5-12.

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