ESSAY: Public Health

The National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards in Health and Health Care serve as a guide to advance and sustain culturally and linguistically appropriate services within organizations. Review the CLAS Standards and identify one that most resonates with you, or is most relevant to your interests in public health. Prepare a rationale for the implementation of you selected standard.


The Nationally Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards are intended to improve the quality of health services provided while ensuring that the disparities in health care are eliminated as well (Barksdale et al., 2017). There are 15 principles encompassed in the CLAS standards, however, the one that resonates with me is Principal Standard. This states that for there to be the provision of equitable, understandable, respectful and equitable health care, the health care providers need to ensure that the diverse …

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Principal Standard in CLAS resonates with the Public Health Science in that it focuses on ensuring that the population can receive quality health care while improving the people’s quality of life at the same time (Barksdale et al., 2017). This is done by the detection and prevention of diseases whether physical or mental. It is also done by the promotion of health-conscious behaviors …

A rationale helps in providing logical reasons as to why the principal standard helps in facilitating public health principles in the community. The first is that understanding the community’s cultural beliefs and concepts assists public health providers in providing better education and training to the people (Barksdale et al., 2017). Secondly, the learning of the public preferred languages by public health providers will help in better delivering and understanding the different needs that need to be addressed in the community. Thirdly, the provision of health literacy services to the community will be quite helpful in ensuring that fewer diseases and infections…


Barksdale, C. L., Rodick, W. H., Hopson, R., Kenyon, J., Green, K., & Jacobs, C. G. (2017). Literature review of the National CLAS Standards: Policy and practical implications in reducing health disparities. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities4(4), 632-647.

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