ESSAY: Public Health

Provide two examples of social institutions that are prevalent in American society and explain their functions. How have social institutions played a part in your health? Do you think their influence was positive or negative? Why?

Can health care policy shape the way in which social institutions are viewed by an individual or population group? Support your position with examples and/or evidence


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A social institution is a group of individuals that have come together to achieve a common objective. Every social institution has its obligations, functions, and a structure of relationships (Miller, 2003). These institutions are tools within which a society regulates and controls societal behaviours where individuals can form social relationships while maintaining a sense of harmony. Two examples of social institutions in American society include the government and educational institutions. Government institutions include interest groups, democracy, and party system. Examples of educational institutions include community colleges, primary schools, and universities.  The main function of governmental institutions is to enact and pass laws to govern other social institutions. The central role of educational institutions is to …

Social institutions have played a positive role in matters concerning health. For example, educational institutions offer students with solid fundamentals in public health issues such as environmental health, disease prevention, healthcare systems, global health, ethics, and cultural and behavioural problems. Governmental institutions enact and implement laws that govern public health issues such as immunizations, natural disaster management, monitoring occupational safety and health, as well as promoting awareness and relief. They…

Health care policies have the power to influence the perceptions that society has on social institutions (Beland & Katapally, 2018). For example, policies that extend beyond the definition of public health to include individuals’ goals, growth, and achievement of educational goals may positively affect society’s perceptions. Policies that promote equitable distribution of health resources would have a positive impact on society’s view of social institutions. It is, therefore, imperative to craft social strategies that allow…

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