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ESSAY: Public Health

One of the attributes of a community leader is an ability to influence others toward some kind of action (e.g., join our coalition, give to our cause, and stop smoking). If you were recruiting new partners for a coalition to address childhood asthma, who would you approach? How would you articulate why they are needed? No research citations are required for this discussion question


Influence is an essential component of leadership through which leaders enact their role. While drafting new associates for an association addressing childhood asthma, it is vital to identify the major stakeholders to approach and methods of articulating the issues. One of the major stakeholders to include is school communities. Educational facilities will help in facilitating the childhood asthma initiative and create a supportive and safe learning environment for children with asthma. Schools will also provide the procedures and policies that allow asthmatic children to manage their condition better. The rate of success increases when the whole school community is involved that is school …

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The other stakeholders are the parents of asthmatic children who will help appeal to the population about childhood asthma concerns. Government agencies and non-profit organizations are also relevant stakeholders who will help with financial assistance. Community leaders and groups will help spread the message and create awareness of childhood asthma and also….

As a leader, attracting new partners will require practical communication skills to articulate a clear initiative message. The leader should use both soft and hard tactics to persuade partners to join the initiative. Hard tactics may include making requests to the stakeholders to make commitments through direct statements. A leader should be persistent and make follow-ups and reminders to get the stakeholders to act. The leader may also use legitimating tactics by using authoritative figures to influence and explain the issues of concern. Also, the leader can use rational persuasion to reinforce the requests. The leader can make logical arguments through the use of statistical evidence to convince and…

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