ESSAY: Public Health /Healthcare

Define professionalism. What behaviors and skills are needed for effective professionalism in the workplace? What professional behaviors and skills are essential to the work environment?


Professionalism is the combination of abilities, skills, perception, and knowledge, which are cultivated and honed over an intensive and long academic process (Monrouxe & Rees, 2017). The skills could also be developed from having practiced the art or activity i…

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Professionalism in the workplace requires an individual to behave in a particular manner while ensuring they have the needed skill set to work and act professionally in the workplace, no matter the tasks or circumstances (Reed et al., 2008). The characteristic behaviors portrayed by professionals are self-motivation, time management, effective communication, self-confidence, empathy, especially …

The skillset required for a professional in the workplace is competency and knowledge to handle the task. Secondly, a professional can engage in critical thinking and problem-solving discussions when faced with a dilemma at work (Reed et al., 2008). Thirdly, a professional can honor commitments while being accountable for their actions and words. The fourth skill set is reliability; the management and your colleagues can trust that the assignments handed to a professional can be completed on time and done effectively. The fifth …


Monrouxe, L. V., & Rees, C. E. (2017). Healthcare professionalism: improving practice through reflections on workplace dilemmas. John Wiley & Sons.

Reed, D. A., West, C. P., Mueller, P. S., Ficalora, R. D., Engstler, G. J., & Beckman, T. J. (2008). Behaviors of highly professional resident physicians. JAMA300(11), 1326-1333.

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