ESSAY: Public health nursing

Consider the following scenario: You are a program manager at a local public health department tasked with increasing physical activity of adults in your community. How would you begin the planning process? Outline five initial steps you would take in planning a strategy to address this issue.


Public Health Nursing Strategic Plan

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Various people use different methods regarding the planning procedure depending on the type of incidence and the nature of operations needed. In this paper, a five-step planning model will be used as the plan strategy to address the issue of increasing the physical activity of adults within the community (Chodzko-Zajko, 2014).

Step 1: Identification of Stakeholders

In this step, I will identify adult persons who need physical activities in the community and evaluate the appropriate place where the event will be carried out. The step will engage stakeholders, thus giving them a clue on who they will address their problems to (Jancey et al., 2017). Additionally, the step will enable me to identify the appropriate language and channel to use while addressing this population. 

Step 2: Program Description

Identification of essential elements to be applied in the event will be the second step. Some of the important things in this step include describing the day to day activities (Chodzko-Zajko, 2014). Moreover, the step will also facilitate me with the …

Step 3: Focus on Evaluation

This step will involve the collection of all critical information related to physical activity among adult persons. This will allow me to provide extended and appropriate information about physical activity. Moreover, I will be to avoid disruptions a….

Step 4: Justification of Conclusions

In this step, I will review, evaluate, and look for other options that the event can be conducted more effectively (Stewart, 2017). Moreover, it is at this stage that I will polish my previous steps, thus ensuring that the event goes on as designed and …

Step 5: Program Implementation

This will be the final stage of the program, where the physical activity program will be put into practice. The step will be vital as it is here where I will ensure that all the required resources are gathered and are in line with the planned …

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