ESSAY: Quality Improvement Initiative locate 1-2 quality measures and determine how that measure will be incorporated in nursing and provider documentation.

One way informatics can be especially valuable is in capturing data to support quality improvements in practice. Nurse leaders play a pivotal role in leading and managing quality initiatives that impact patient outcomes, safety, and health care organizations’ compliance with regulatory agencies. For this assignment, you will locate 1-2 quality measures and determine how that measure will be incorporated in nursing and provider documentation. You will formulate requirements and a plan for collecting and reporting the data. You will also reflect on how you would lead and manage such a project.
In a paper of 1,500-1,750 words, address the following:

1)Identify the selected quality measure(s).

2)Describe your plan for collecting the data related to the measure. What key information/fields would be needed in the database for you to capture the needed data? How would this data be mapped to the quality measure(s)?

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3)What role would the advanced registered nurse play in ensuring the correct data is captured? Which additional systems and staff members would need to be involved in the design and implementation process and team?

4)What professional, ethical, and regulatory standards must be incorporated into the design and implementation of the plan?

5)How would you communicate any necessary changes related to your plan to any affected stakeholders?

6)Describe the leadership skills and project management knowledge you would employ to successfully collaborate with the interprofessional team in this scenario to ensure your facility is providing evidence-based care to its patients?


Provision of quality patient care highly relies on availability of a complete and accurate record on patient data. Informatics which forms the basis through which such data is captured and stored helps foster a good communication between health providers and beneficiaries on issues such as treatment, planning and delivery of care. The standards of medical records also reflects a picture of confidentiality which is essential in maintaining the privacy of medical data.

Quality improvement practices can be realized through reliable data which can be achieved when there is a committed group of Nurse Leaders (Layman, 2003). The leaders are in charge of leading and managing quality initiatives that positively impact patient outcomes, patient safety as well as the ability of healthcare organizations to comply with regulatory agencies. This essay is meant to identify two quality improvement measures and how the data towards achieving this mandate can be achieved. The role of the advanced registered Nurse will also be identified as well as the additional systems and staff members that can help implement the identified measures. Finally, the essay will also consider the professional and ethical standards that may need to be incorporated for the plan to be well implemented.

Identify The Selected Quality Measure

The identified quality measure is:

  • Tracking and assessing surgical operation procedures in a medical facility to ensure that appropriate surgical procedures are administered to the patients.

Data Collection Plan

The target population for this quality improvement measure are all patients that need surgical procedures as well as the surgical and nursing staff. The data related to the identified measure will be collected by conducting an initial meeting with surgeons and nurses related to this area so that they can voice their concerns. There concerns can be recorded as well as manually documented. The next data to be captured will be from a prospective audit which will be undertaken in three phases: during normal surgical procedures, two weeks before an intervention is given and three months after an intervention has been carried out. Staff forums will also be conducted in order to analyze attitudes…

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