ESSAY: Quantitative and Qualitative Nursing Research.

Compare and contrast the differences in purpose and data analysis methods between quantitative and qualitative nursing research. Provide two examples of a research question, one question for each type of research, that you might wish to investigate in your future advanced nursing role. (My nursing research is based on the Effects of Educational Techniques on Hospital Readmissions for Heart Failure Patients.)


Nurses make use of qualitative and quantitative research methods as a means to evaluate the best interventions for their patients. The purpose of using the latter research method is to generate knowledge about the social world (Queiros, Faria & Almeida, 2017). On the other hand, qualitative research method is used to help gain an in-depth understanding of a precise event or organization. It aims at giving the …

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Quantitative data analysis methods focus on the numerical analysis as well as the objective measurements of any data gathered. There are multiple ways to analyze quantitative data, most of which require mathematical analysis methods (Salvador, 2016). The first way is cross-tabulation, which helps explain the relationship between various variables. The second is trend analysis, which gives feedback about how the data would change over time. The third method involves conjoint analysis that reviews advanced metric data and provides an in-depth insight.  Qualitative data analysis methods entail content exploration, discourse analysis, grounded theory, and narrative analysis. Content analysis is used to analyze the interviewees’ responses depending on the research questions (Queiros et al., 2017). Discourse analysis helps analyze interactions between people involved in the research program. The grounded theory allows nurses to explain why a specific medical phenomenon occurs in the population. Narrative analysis is more useful when analyzing most of…

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