ESSAY: Reasons, Emotion and Communication in Critical Thinking Worksheet

I have attached the worksheet for this assignment. I have also included the questions in this area.. No references are needed and both answers should be about 125 words each.

1. Provide an example of when you have used reason to assist with critical thinking and discuss how it affected the outcome of the situation (your response should be 75-125 words long).

2. Provide an example of when emotion has had an effect (either positively or negatively) on your critical thinking. Discuss how emotions either positively or negatively affected the outcome of the situation (your response should be 75-125 words long).

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This week’s readings and activities focused on how reason, emotion, and communication may influence critical thinking. In this assignment, you will identify the concepts of reason, emotion, and communication in your everyday critical thinking practices.


Reasons, Emotion and Communication in Critical Thinking

Question 1

Reasoning is important to critical thinking because it provides an assistance when it comes to the pursuit of knowledge and handling of ideological issues. An instance where I used reason to assist in critical thinking was when my father’s car was stolen at the parking lot. This meant that we had to figure out some of the reasons why it had been stolen or the things that may have come into play in the process. I used reason in this case to get details on how the thieves managed to open the parking garage and the logic that was behind them escaping without being noticed. The use of reason affected the outcome of the situation by giving us a clue on the person who must ….

Question 2

When one is emotional, the critical thinking ability is normally affected either positively or negatively. In most cases, the more emotional one gets, the more it becomes difficult to think critically. An instance when emotion affected my critical thinking negatively was when my mother needed blood donation while in hospital. This situation made me become emotional as I felt that my mother was not going to get the help that she needed. This made me to stop searching for blood donors hence making her condition to worsen. My emotions in this cases negatively affected the outcome of the situation having in mind that I had all the necessary tools to get in contact with potential …

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