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ESSAY: Reflection

Discussion Points:

Please write a reflection summary of what you have learned these past eight weeks from your INFO331 Management Information Systems class discussions, readings, and activities. Also, tell me what things I did as an instructor that were the most helpful to you, as well as any suggestions you have for further improving this course. Thank you, and I am looking forward to reading your reflections!


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The last eight weeks have been very fulfilling as far as management information system course is concerned. I have leant a lot on how some of the well-known disciplines in business such as finance, management and marketing can be directly linked to information technology with the ultimate aim being to achieve both business and customer satisfaction (Laudon, 2016). When the course outline was first introduced at the start of the first week, I wondered whether I could really succeed owing to the technical terms that made the future of the course more uncertain. I am however impressed with the way the instructor introduced the topic and made it simple and approachable. I was encouraged by the instructor’s approachable nature which was unlike some other instructors.

Towards the end of the sixth week, I looked back in amusement of how applicable the course would be after my college life. The instructor also encouraged me to engage in discussions with other students to help understand some of the terms that were complicated in handling the topic. At the end of the day, this played a big role in understanding different concepts regarding the course. One thing that is of concern however is I would suggest that the course hours be increased as I believe there is a lot that can still be covered if the amount of time allocated could be more. I know this may be difficult since all course units have been structured to achieve certain objectives within specific timeframes, but it would be better if more time is allocated to the course to avoid a rush in clearing the course outline (Lim, 2016). If this is implemented, all aspects concerning the course as well as proper assessments will be…

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