ESSAY: Report Writing & Current Trends

After reading this week’s material, answer the following question in the Forum:

– Go to Scroll to bottom of page, and click on “Loss Prevention”. Find a current podcast and listen to it, or a current article. Report back to the class on your findings.

– What was the theme of the podcast/article?

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– What are the main take-aways?


The 2019 report by National Retail Federation on the survey on national retail security provided loss prevention leaders the needed information and insights on the external and internal retail crime. The theme of the article is a retail crime concerning inventory loss, and its impact on finances (National Retail Federation, 2019). About retail crime, it was reported that there was an overlap with cybercrime and fighting fraud strategies. Accordingly, the implication on shrinkage, especially in the retail industry, had become sizeable coupled with the changing risk landscape. The retail crime theme also touched on the retail landscape, today, creating new loopholes for shoppers and fraudsters…

            There are some takeaways from the article. One of my takeaways is the existing overlap with retail crime on fighting fraud strategies, making it difficult to find immediate solutions as part of a loss prevention plan. Secondly, I determined that the implication on the shrinkage in the retail industry was based on the sizable nature of the crime given the changing landscape risk. Another takeaway was that some companies have allocated more resources, especially to boost talent/skill and technology, to increase security and …


National Retail Federation (2019). National retail security survey 2019. Retrieved from

Romeo, J. (2016). Preventing loss and preserving the customer experience. Security: Solutions for Enterprise Security Leaders, 53(9), 60-63.

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