ESSAY: Risk population

Assignment Details

In this assignment, you will identify a present-day controversial issue, such as immigration, government encroachment on privacy, anti-capitalism, and so on. In 2–3 pages, address the following:

Identify and select a present-day issue that can potentially polarize a specific risk group.?

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Develop and explore the issue and why it can serve as a polarizing and divisive issue. Discuss how certain risk populations can become radicalized and justify the use of violence to elevate their position.?

Place yourself in the role of a policy maker. What kind of legislation could you propose to address the social, political, or economic conditions you described above?

How will your proposed solutions improve conditions for the specific risk group you identified?


The US government’s decision to deport all Mexicans living in America and building the great Mexican wall will result in polarization. The Mexican nationalists will overreact and may end up affecting diplomatic interrelationships between the two countries. Besides, the American nationalists living in Mexico may suffer a more significant effect from the polarization, as outrageous Mexicans can vandalize their businesses in the revolt of Mexicans deportation and the building of the Mexican wall. The use of violence is an approach to gaining publicity and global empathy. Polarized groups use violence to create awareness and seek global attention so that their grievances can be heard. Besides, violence is a subject of global interest, and therefore by starting the violence, the outside world will intervene, and the cries of the minorities…

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