ESSAY: Role of Change Theory in Social Change

The agency is Adult Protective Services
• Briefly describe the issues you anticipate encountering in your strategic plan.
• Explain the change you think is needed to address these issues and factors that might influence that change.
• Describe a change theory and related change processes that may be applied to the issues related to your strategic plan.
• Explain how you might apply the theory and processes.
• Briefly explain two ethical principles, issues, or challenges that might arise in your efforts to apply these changes.
• Explain how a professional code of ethics might advise in each case. Be specific, citing elements from an applicable code of ethics.
• Explain the opportunities and challenges that you might encounter in fostering and implementing the change.


Role of Change Theory in Social Change

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The elderly/adult population always faces many challenges. Some are neglected, abused or exploited while others may experience physical challenges that may not allow them to manage their own lives with ease. To help protect this vulnerable population, adult protective services often come in handy. According to the National Adult Protective Services Association, the program is meant to serve older adults and those with disabilities with a need for assistance with social services (Jackson, 2017). This task evaluates a strategic plan to establish an adult protective services agency.

Possible Issues to Be Encountered in The Strategic Plan

Many issues may be encountered in implementing any strategic plan geared towards social change. In the social change initiative, one issue likely to be a challenge is the prioritization of the emerging needs of the target population. As mentioned in the introductory remarks, this population is vulnerable to many issues. The social change program has to critically prioritize the problems while at the same time, ensure all needs are adequately addressed (Greene, 2017). Besides prioritization of the issues, another challenge could be the inadequacy of resources. Like in any strategic plan, execution of the set plans may at times be a costly affair. The strategic plan may easily hit a snag if there are no enough resources to address emerging challenges. Lastly, there could be a lack of follow-through. The execution of any new strategy can never be over as there have to be regularly planned formal reviews of policies to review processes and adjust where necessary. Such steps need proper communication and strategic meetings to ensure consistency in the program implementation.

Change Needed to Address the Issues

To address the issues identified above, many change initiatives have to be implemented. Firstly, it is essential to always start with what is vital. Although prioritization is a challenge, focusing on what is necessary is a sure way of ensuring the plan achieves its intended purpose. Secondly, it is essential to review every step and when required, look back and start again. Lastly, defining any achievement in the change process is critical as it helps map the direction the change process is taking.

Change Theory and Related Change Processes Applied to The Issues

The most applicable change theory for the strategic plan is increasing opportunities/removing barriers to the wellbeing of the elderly population. The theory can be accomplished by identifying the specific challenges that the elderly people are faced with, prioritizing those challenges and then coming up with steps for proper mitigation (Batras, Duff & Smith, 2016). Additionally, the change theory calls for collaboration with other relevant stakeholders.

How to Apply the Theory and Process?

For any change theory and process, there are action theories or steps that can be implemented to achieve the theory quickly. In this case, creating a fund or donation drive to help boost the economic wellbeing of the target population will be a good initiative. Additionally, helping improve their psychological wellbeing may need the services of social workers.

Ethical Issues, Principles and Challenges That May Arise in Applying the Changes

The ethical principle of autonomy may arise in applying the changes. The social change initiatives may draw the target population away from enjoying their independence. It is possible that the elderly may not have the freedom to choose and act for themselves but rather stick to the social change program (Russell, Skinner & Fowler, 2019). Another ethical principle fidelity which emphasizes on the need to respect and be committed to the change initiatives.

How A Professional Code of Ethics Might Advise in Each Case?

According to the National Association of Social Workers, social improvement programs have to advocate for the independence of the population. At the same time be loyal and trustworthy to the program for the wellbeing of the elderly population (Hebenstreit, 2017).

Opportunities and Challenges Likely to Be Encountered in Fostering and Implementing the Change Many opportunities and challenges may come up while implementing the change. Firstly, the change is the chance to look back and make the life of the elderly better. It also provides the opportunity for new policies to be established targeted at improving the social welfare of the target population (Stathi, Western, Koning, Perkin & Withall, 2018). The challenge likely to be encountered is lack of adequate…

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