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ESSAY: Rome and Romanization

This assignment gives you the opportunity to practice determining the purpose and function of artifacts in order to create your interpretation of a specific historical development—Romanization.

Discuss the impact of the process of Romanization on the Roman world. Identify at least two examples of cultural structures that were patterned across Roman-conquered cities. Cultural structures can include physical features of Roman-ruled cities, practices, policies, ideas, or any artifact that was used to shape the conquered religions.

Discuss how these structures impacted daily life, which may include politics, economics, or social roles. Describe how and with what intent these events were “memorialized” or used in the cultural arena.

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Step 1: Choose two appropriate sources. At least one source must come from the CSU Online Library. The Academic Search Complete and eBook Academic Collection databases in the CSU Online Library would be good places to start your search. If you need additional help with using or locating information in the online library, there are library video tutorials available on the main page of the online library under the heading “Research Guides.” Resources from outside of the library should be credible and peer-reviewed and cannot include Wikipedia,,, any type of message board, or other similar encyclopedias.

Step 2: Complete your research. Choose one interesting development that illustrates the main point that you want to make about your chosen physical structures, practices, or ideas. Gather details about your choice. For example, what types of buildings were first introduced in Rome, and why were they purposely replicated in other, smaller cities?

Step 3: Draw conclusions from the details you found, and prepare your thesis. A thesis is prepared after you have completed your research and gathered enough information about the chosen structures. You should sit back to think about what it means to see the influence on culture. Your thesis statement should offer your reader the overall insight into the use and impact of the structure on Roman development.

Use the following guidelines to help decide on your thesis.

Ask yourself about how the cultural element (idea, practice, or structure) was shaped by its time period and environment.
Ask yourself how the structure impacted the lives of the people around it, the general public, and the immediately following period in the history of Rome.
Find the perfect specific example to demonstrate the qualities of the structure you would most like to show.
Step 4: Write your essay. Your essay must be at least 500 words in length. All sources must be referenced and cited according to APA guidelines.

Be sure to consider the following guidelines in your essay.

The introduction should engage the reader and clearly present the essay’s thesis and summarize the main points that clarify your point of view. The last sentence of the introductory paragraph should be your specific thesis.
Organization should clearly present points arranged to illustrate your opening thesis. Paragraph order and organization should clearly present points arranged to illustrate your opening thesis rather than to narrate the chronological story.
Writing should be clear and concise with no spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors.
The number of sources should meet or exceed any expressed assignment requirements, and the sources should be peer-reviewed or academic in nature. At least one source must be from the CSU Online Library.
APA guidelines should be used for reference entries and in-text citations.


Rome and Romanization

            Interaction with Rome ensured changes in localities and regions, especially in Italy. From a close assessment, thinking of the territories that interacted with Rome, there are profound socioeconomic exchanges centred on Rome’s influence. This notion implies that Rome had a dominance perception of their culture and economic activities compared to the local communities. Indeed, they went ahead and made momentums as a remembrance of their presence and control over territories. In simple terms, Romanization refers to a state of integrating non-roman communities to Roman culture to form a sense of identity. In this context, Hadrian’s Wall and Sanctuary in Munigua are essential symbols of Rome’s influence in Italy.

            Romanization can be traced from Roman culture, monuments in public areas, religion, language and architecture, among others.  All along, Romans focused on influencing the cultural beliefs and values of the localities since it was a primary factor for colonizing its territories (Noreña, 2019). The history shows Roman culture as a set of distinct complex objects, beliefs and practices for Roman functioning. As a result, Rome spread its power from a centred source of authority, the city of Rome. Historians use words like metropolitan and imperial to imply how the concentration of power applied in the expansion of Rome (Noreña, 2019). As a result, roman culture spread from the perception of the central authority, which majored on urbanization and concentration of wealth.                Hadrian’s Wall implied a sense of protecting the boundaries while at the same time dignifying Rome as a unique community from the rest. Hadrian wall was peace-oriented, and the Wall seemed to separate Rome from barbarians, which implies Rome as a separate group from the rest of the world (Ferris, 2003). Profoundly, Romans had a social perception of defining who they were not. The Wall was a symbol of protecting Roman culture

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