ESSAY: Servant and Authentic Leadership

First, please review this two minute video about Servant Leadership.

Servant Leadership video

Servant Leadership – Video link

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Then, answer one of the following two questions:

1 – What are servant leadership behaviors and what do they mean to followers? Drawing on your own leadership experiences, what needs to be considered when applying servant leadership to practice?


2 – Discuss authentic leadership. How it is different from other theories of leadership?


Servant leadership refers to a form of leadership that replaces self-interest with service to other individuals. It is a form of leadership that puts much focus on people’s strength rather than their weakness. Servant leadership comes from a place of compassion and a genuine desire to help humankind.  Unlike leadership that comes from a place of personal motivation such as financial gain, recognition, or power, Servant leadership is motivated by care and willingness to respond as they are able. Leaders should have a moral compass that … 

A leader should be someone who guides other individuals towards a common goal. He/she shows the way by example. Leaders serve to create an environment where other team members have a feeling of being actively involved in the whole process of change. A leader should never be the boss, but instead, be the individual carrying out the mission. Leaders have confidence in their abilities, and thus, affirmation is never essential for them too. Leaders should demonstrate the ability to motivate the entire workforce, the ability to facilitate change, as well as the ability to work well across geographical boundaries and cultures (Agile at Barclaycard, 2016). Leaders should be guided by the eight pillars, namely listening, foresight, empathy, self-awareness, influence, stewardship, conceptualization, and building a sense of community. If we listen to the…

When applying servant leadership, aspects such as integrity, trust and commitment, as well as passion ought to be considered. Leaders should practice integrity by fulfilling the promises and meeting the expectations of the individuals around them (Komives & Wagner, 2016). The culture of trust and commitment can only be promoted in a team if leaders show the strength of carrying out what they expect others to do with them. Lastly, leaders should be passionate individuals. Passion helps them in observing and experiencing the commitment and care to a vision or a cause. The result of these is inspiration and motivation in working hard…

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