ESSAY: Signature Assignment: Strategic HRM Planning

Develop a strategic plan of 1,050 word or more for Global Plastics, Inc. Human Resource department to address the issues Janet discovered and achieve the goals outlined in the scenario. Your strategic plan should include all elements of a strategic plan and address the following:

Align each of the issues with the goals in the company’s strategic plan.
Establish metrics to measure attainment of each of the goals.
Evaluate how the strategy will address each issue identified in the scenario.

Cite all sources according to APA formatting guidelines. Sources are not required, but will be accepted.

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Signature Assignment: Strategic HRM Planning

Three-Year Strategic Plan for Global Plastics Inc. (2020-2023)

           In this case, Global Plastics has a set of underachieved goals and objectives; thus, a failing organizational mission. Strategic human resource planning helps the human resource department to achieve operational and strategic plans. However, Global Plastics is losing competitiveness in the market due to significant gaps in human resource management. An effective human resource is a source of competitive advantage for Global Plastics. There is a need to reinvent and implement human resource strategic planning to improve organizational…

Mission Statement

            The mission of the company remains unchanged, and the development of a strategy helps to improve organizational performance while delivering quality services. The primary focus in the strategy action includes:

  • Attracting qualified and talented employees 
  • Enhancing their skills in specific areas 
  • Retaining the talents in the organization as long as possible  

            The mission of Global plastics is guided by Research and Development (R&D) to maintain the reputation that has been built since 1992 (Global Plastics, 2020). The organization majors in art manufacturing and currently possess more than 50 injection molding machines. Human resources are the foundation for the company to be competitive in the automotive, medical, and industrial markets (Global Plastics, 2020). The company believes in offering customers the best quality products on time…

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