ESSAY: Social Networking

The reading discusses social networking. Explain how some of the popular social networking software could be used in purchasing and indicate the effect on future organizational structures? Your post should be in APA format with in-text citations and a reference list.


Social networking has become an important component of any business or organization. For instance, it allows collaboration and communication between people who could be sharing common interests even when they are not directly in touch with each other. It has also found great utility in marketing as product market presence has so much relied on the kind of social networking a person undertakes.

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Some of the popular social networking software that is important in the organization include media sharing platforms such as Facebook which is one of the most common marketing tools. With this platform, one can easily market products by sharing them on their walls or sharing on other people’s walls (Kendall et al, 2018). The more the number of people who can access the products, the higher the chances of such products being bought. Another social networking software is a podcast network made of many podcasts which advertisers can access. Other social networking software is blogs that enable users to write content that is appealing to the target population. In terms of purchasing, blogs are used to manipulate the minds of customers and hence influence their…

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