ESSAY: Statistical Process Control

Explain management’s role and the importance of it in the implementation of statistical process control (SPC). Refer to this week’s required reading before crafting your post.


For companies to remain competitive in modern markets, they have to invest in continuous product improvement to maintain their competitive edge (Moser, 2019). Statistical Process Control (SPC) utilizes statistical approaches to regulate production or process methods (Madanhire & Mbohwa, 2016). SPC procedures and tools help in monitoring the behavior of processes, discovering problems in internal systems, and resolving issues in production. A company’s management is responsible or controlling and administering its affairs. As such, the managers should be fully aware of when to implement SPC in the production process to ensure their full capabilities and control.

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Currently, there is a constantly rising demand for services and products that are of high quality and cost less. Therefore, a rational company’s management should aim at focusing on the production of high-quality services and products to remain relevant in the ever-changing market. One of the most significant roles of SPC is to reduce the irregularities in the production processes such as operator errors, substandard raw materials, or the wear of equipment. Most organizations implement SPC to satisfy their customer requirement s as opposed to using it as a part of a strategic plan.

In the implementation of SPC, the management should identify critical organizational and technical factors necessary for SPC (Toledo et al., 2017). For SPC to succeed, the management should understand its use and reinforce the implementation with human and financial resources and at the same time educating employees on its importance. The managers should focus on training employees about the techniques and concepts of SPC progressively to ensure uniformity within the organization (Hossain & Zaman,2019). Moreover, the managers should ensure the measurement and identification of vital characteristics of products that have a high impact on quality and customers. The managers should also consider issues in change resistance to ensure the continuous application of SPC.


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