New venture opportunity and SWOT analysis paper

This week we will study the SWOT analysis in detail. This week’s paper is required to be approximately 4 -6 pages in length, not including the title page and the reference page. No paper should be fewer than 1400 words. Double space your work, cite your sources, limit quotes, and edit your work well! Your work will automatically be reviewed by Turnitin upon submission. You will be able to see your similarity report within 20 minutes after your submission. Resubmits are not permitted. Please make sure you cite your work properly and avoid direct quotes.

For this assignment you will invent a new business. This is a new start – up venture, not an existing one or one that is expanding. Do not use a business created in a previous class. You may not use papers (or any part of a paper) submitted in another class. Make up the business, the location, the client base, and the product or service. Do not use any real company. You may review a real company’s website for ideas, but the basis of this paper should be your own ideas. Your opening sentence should begin with something like this: “The new business venture that I will evaluate is ……………..” Expect that your business will be opened in this coming year, not one that opened 10 years ago. Your introduction should include a description of your company and any details that are important to the reader. The description of your company should be a couple paragraphs with a summary of the business. The other details can be discussed when you are reviewing each of the SWOT elements. The final goal of this paper is to prepare a SWOT analysis of your new venture company. Make sure you have at least two other sources (other than the text) to supplement your work.

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After developing your new venture and describing it thoroughly in the beginning of your paper, provide a thorough SWOT analysis. Make sure you have included the actual SWOT analysis quad chart (embedded within your paper) listing the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. You can use your own chart, but your paper should include a simple SWOT chart with the four segments. Then, you must discuss each segment thoroughly and explain what you have learned from performing your analysis.

So, your paper should include a title page and a reference page (no abstract is required):

1 – a description of your new venture (have a clear introduction)

2 – include a simple quad chart with the four basic quadrants embedded in your paper

3 – a thorough explanation of what you have learned from the analysis, further defining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

4. be sure to include monetary information. You can’t evaluate a new start up for a beauty salon if you don’t include the costs to start up. How many hair cuts would you have to provide customers before you break even each month (of course you can estimate costs). For instance, you have to purchase equipment (dryers, chairs, etc) and you have to rent space (or buy space). What is the monthly rent or mortgage payment and how easily will that be earned each month. Include all other costs also (payroll, supplies, advertising, etc). Where will the start up money come from?

5 – an evaluation – based on what you have learned, will you continue your business venture? Be sure to answer that question at the close of your paper.


Urbanization continues to be realized in most parts of the world as urban areas continue to grapple with high population growth as people seek to look for employment in places perceived to have higher opportunities. With this reality, human consumption has also increased immensely leading to the generation of much waste. Management of solid waste has, therefore, become part and parcel of an urban environment and planning of the infrastructural development. The main idea is to ensure that the environment is safe for people to work in and engage in economic development. There have, however, been problems of waste disposal in most countries which detrimentally affects their economic development. When an environment is unhealthy, residents will start falling ill, investors will shy away, and hence the potential of such an urban set-up will not be explored to the maximum (Garlapati, 2016). On the contrary, when an environment is healthy, people will be ready to set up businesses, tourism will be encouraged and hence the economy of such set-ups will be spurred.  

In most countries, waste materials are perceived to be of no value. The large quantities generated from wastes present disposal challenges making such wastes a nuisance. The aftermath of large production of waste is illegal dumping on the roadsides, perceived dumping sites and even water bodies hence creating unimaginable environmental pollution. This situation can be projected to be worse in the near future primarily because the number of landfills is on the worrying decline trend. Residents are also opposed to the opening of new landfills as that may eventually encroach on their land. The most feasible solution to these challenges is coming up with a waste recycling initiative.

It is evident that most homeowners already have recyclebins or pickups to handle some standard recyclables such as paper, plastic or glass, which is a common and recommendable practice. The main problem, however, is the e-waste that is created due to advanced technology. Most residential homes do not have the ability to recycle the voluminous e-waste from garages. This includes waste electronic components and batteries that can cause a lot of harm to the environment if disposed of together with other wastes in the landfills. Besides being harmful, such electronic waste can cause contamination to the groundwater. The proposal, therefore, seeks to come up with an e-waste recycling company in the name of Waste_ Zii recyclers which is a company geared towards providing pick up services of electronic wastes of any kind before transporting them to an electronic warehouse for eventual recycling. Other than a fee charged from every item picked, the company will also derive a lot of value from spare parts and extracted precious materials. As a waste recycling company, we also seek to collect organic kitchen waste subjected to biological decomposers that consequently help provide organic manure for small scale farming, specifically in the urban…

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