ESSAY: Technology and health

How does communication contribute to a holistic plan of care? How is the knowledge of the therapeutic relationship an essential component of health promotion? What is the role of technology in communication today? What are your thoughts on electronic/technology and communication? What is the nursing code of ethics? What evidence is there that supports the need for consideration of ethics in contemporary issues of health promotion? What are your thoughts?


Technology and Health

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Many factors determine the provision of quality care. One consideration is having nurses adhere to ethical codes of conduct as well as incorporating proper communication in the provision of holistic care as will be discussed herein.

Contribution of communication to the holistic plan of care

Holistic care can be described as a form of therapeutic treatment targeted at the whole person. Such care aims to provide care to the body, the mind and the spirit. In such a setting, both the nurse and the patient ought to work hand in hand to achieve holistic care. Therefore, this calls for proper communication. The care provider must be an excellent communicator to understand the feelings, concerns and preferences of the patient. According to McEvoy & Duffy, (2008), providers have to be sensitive to the spiritual and cultural beliefs of the patient.

How the knowledge of therapeutic relationship is an essential part of health promotion

The therapeutic relationship is essential in health promotion since it builds the understanding between the health provider and the patient. A good relationship makes the patient be at ease and open in explaining the prevailing situation.

Role of technology in today’s communication

Technology has played a significant role in today’s communication as compared to how the situation was many years back. For instance, the number of home landline subscribers have reduced as most Americans have embraced the use of mobile technology. Additionally, technology has led to improved use of social media platforms that have video call components. Communication has, thus become more comfortable and better.

My thoughts on electronic/technology and communication

Technology is set to revolutionize communication. In a few years to come, I believe improved technology will be the most significant driver of communication

Nursing code of ethics

The nursing code of ethics can be defined as the statement of allegiance that nurses agree to abide by as they start practising. ANA created the code of ethics to stipulate the duties and obligation of the nurses and also ensuring that patients receive the most quality form of care (American Nurses Association, 2015).

Evidence that supports the need for ethics consideration for contemporary health promotion issues

In contemporary health issues, ethics play a significant role in ensuring that nurses undertake their mandate with the interest of the patients at heart. Any ethical missteps can be a source of errors in the delivery of care. Confidentiality, for instance, helps build trust between caregivers. With such confidence, quality care is almost guaranteed.

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