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Essay Telenursing Case Study for Nurse Educators

Essay Telenursing Case Study for Nurse Educators

Essay Telenursing Case Study for Nurse Educators

Telenursing is the process of using telecommunication technology such as PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant), telephones, video and output conferencing, teleradiology, computer information system, telerobotics and facsimile machines, to provide nursing services in healthcare. It is used in situations where there is a large distance between the patient and a nurse.

Essay Telenursing Case Study for Nurse Educators
Essay Telenursing Case Study for Nurse Educators

Using Call System Software to Place Calls

Telenursing, through placing calls, involves assessing and evaluating an individual or patient and communicating the care plan within a ten-minute time frame over the phone. In order for the nurse to make maximum use of the ten minutes he/she needs to be fast and accurate in questions and explanation. In addition, the nurse should minimize the risk of missing any information. In order to achieve this he/she should ask open ended questions, avoid second guessing the client, avoid making premature conclusions about the clients situation, find solutions to communication, cultural or language barriers. Further, the nurse must make further enquiries and consultations when the client’s needs are way above him and avoid using excessive medical jargons that may be technical and hard to understand. The information should be recorded accurately and prescription given in the correct manner.

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Use of Systems to Review the Patient’s Medical Records and Chart

Medical charts and records are reports that contain a collection of information about the health history of a patient. Due to technological developments, institutions have adopted computerized systems to store data and information. These systems help in keeping the information safe and easy to access when needed. In using such systems one should be very careful and ensure privacy of the patients’ records is kept. This requires limiting the number of users of the system. The system has different slots to be filled by other health specialists like the physician, nutritionist, respiratory the rapist and consultants among others. The documentation part of the nurse mainly deals with responses to treatment and day to day progress and it is, therefore, important for the nurse to read through all the notes written by other specialists in order to form the best complete picture and give the correct view on the progress of the patient. The documentation starts immediately a patient enters the health care institution. The records should be up to date as they can also be used by quality assurance and regulatory organizations, insurance companies, and legal bodies. Moreover, the records should also be stored in a secure area. According to Moore & Primm, the patient has the right to have a copy or to see his/her medical records. In case another person wishes to see the medical record, other than the next of kin, the patient must write a note permitting the release of the records to the individual. Essay Telenursing Case Study for Nurse Educators

Advantages/Disadvantages of Using Telenursing – Essay Telenursing Case Study for Nurse Educators

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There are several benefits associated with Telenursing. It improves healthcare services delivery, increases continuity of care, decrease healthcare costs, and also increases patient compliance with aftercare. In addition, Telenursing minimizes visits to the emergency room as well as doctor’s office. According to O’Shea telenursing increases public access to healthcare, provides increased access in rural areas. It also reduces the time an individual stays in the ward. Telenursing makes sharing of data possible and alleviates the problem of shortages of nurses.

Although telenursing has numerous benefits for both the patients and the nurses, it has also some ethical difficulties. These have been identified as security of the system, confidentiality and autonomy. It might turn out that the person making a call is not the real patient and might be calling on behalf of another. It decreases face to face interaction between the patient and the nurse. In this case, the nurse is not in a position to understand the patient through body language and this contradicts the principle of autonomy and beneficence.

HIPPA and Confidentiality

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a federal law that was passed by congress in the year 1996. Congress intended that HIPPA reduces healthcare costs by implementing an effortless standard healthcare administrative procedure. The Act requires the healthcare facilities to observe and implement the policies and procedures that ensure privacy and security of all its patients’ records that have been stored electronically. The information must be confidential and the organization must employ and train personnel to control and be in charge of the program.

HIPPA has three types of security measures. These include administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. These security measures have their duties and areas of specialty. The physical safeguard is meant to protect the system from natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, rain and snow. Administrative safeguards deals with the administrative issues that include matters like the policies and procedures to maintain the security of the system. It also looks into the issue of the employee who is in charge of protecting the confidential information. The last safeguard, technical safeguard, is in charge of controlling the accessibility of the information that is stored in the electronic system.

Licensure Issues and Liability

For a nurse to be given a linscence to telenurse, he or she should have portrayed the following qualities. Should be open-minded towards technology and must have a positive attitude towards the job. In addition, the person must understand the limitations of the technology that will be in use. Also knowledge and ability to navigate the technology system is essential. Finally, the person must be competent in communication, and must be able to identify when telehealth approach is not appropriate to an individual.

Cultural Aspects

Involvement of local leaders and medical bodies is essential in each country. This is so because the relevant cultural principles must be considered. Government support and consent should also be sought in order to make the service a success. After analyzing an area, the most suitable technology equipment should be identified .

The Patient-Nurse Relationship in the Telenursing Context

The nurse-patient relationship sets the tone of the care experience. The patient will just look or listen as the nurse addresses him/her and will immediately have conclusion about the organization. Without a positive patient-nurse relationship, it is not possible to provide a satisfactory health care. Since nurses spend a lot of time with patients, they should pay a close attention to their needs. The nurses should also create an atmosphere/environment where care can be provided in the safest ethical and effective manner.

In conclusion, telenursing, through the use of modern technology, has become a vital component in the provision of quality health care. Telenursing challenges the governments to upgrade their infrastructure and try to utilize the resources they have to the maximum. Through telenursing the future is promising and healthcare will be made available to those who need it.

Essay Telenursing Case Study for Nurse Educators

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