ESSAY: The Impact of Chronic Illness

Identify one person from the illness group you chose last week. The person should not be a patient at the facility in which you work. You can use friends, family members, or coworkers. Do not use the person’s name in the paper but only initials. Administer the questionnaire you created last week to that person. Compile the data and analyze the responses to better illustrate where this person, his or her family, and friends are in relation to accepting the diagnosis in relation to the standard health or illness definitions. The analysis should also include coping skills, treatment, and support aspects of the illness. Identify how this will direct care plan development for the chosen illness group.

Compile a report of your interview with the questions you created, the responses you received, your analysis, and your interpretation of how it will affect planning care for the group in a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document.

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The Impact of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a severe infection that mostly affects women; it is considered one the leading causes of death. Even though cardiovascular disease and lung cancer kill more people each year, studies show that breast cancer is the most prominent health threat to most women (Strumylaite, Kregzdyte, Rugyte, Bogusevicius & Mechonosina, 2013). However, women can minimize the risk of developing breast cancer by avoiding being obese, eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, limiting usage of processed meats, avoiding tobacco, and embracing regular screening. The purpose of this analysis is to administer the questionnaire created last week to one person (Mrs. Jane, a 55 years-old African-American woman) and providing an explanation of how the results shall affect planning care for the patient. The paper will also include possible treatment, support aspects, and coping skills.

The assessment tool and process must be reliable and verifiable in order to help care providers in making an inference regarding the risk factors for breast cancer. Therefore, the present study would employ Gail model if the patient has no known history of breast cancer. Besides, other relevant models that would be fundamental include the Claus model, Tyrer-Cuzick model, BOADICEA, and BRCAPro (Strumylaite et al., 2013). To evaluate criterion accuracy and validity of a questionnaire on the potential risk of having or developing breast cancer, Mrs. Jane was requested to complete the questionnaire form twice (during admission to the facility and a day prior discharge). The questionnaire involves diverse questions relating to socioeconomic factors, psychosocial, demographic, past screening, family history, lifestyle, diet, work environment, physical activity, alcohol use, and smoking (Pace & Keating, 2014). The consistency of the questions administered was determined based on measures of the intraclass correlation coefficient. Besides, the arithmetical analysis was executed with excel and the replies to most queries about family history, socioeconomic factors, lifestyle (physical activity, smoking, and alcohol use), and female health were positively correlated with controls (Mavaddat et al., 2015). Statistically non-…

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