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ESSAY: The Ten Commandements of Picking

According to OPS (2009), what are the “Ten Commandments of Picking? In 250-300 words discuss the Ten Commandments of Picking and highlight the impacts in relation to lead times and customer service.


OPS (2009) highlights the “Ten Commandments of picking” (Richards, 2017) inventory as follows:

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1) The design of the picking process should allow scalability and flexibility to accommodate future changes. A flexible and scalable picking system enables the use of different storage strategies, improving the efficiency of operations and lead times as well as customer service.

2) Ensure that the pickers keep picking by not allowing distractions from other activities. Doing so allows a seamless flow of inventory and shortening lead times, ensuring the customers’ satisfaction (Glynn, 2020).

3) Minimize the travel time by establishing the most efficient picking routes, which will reduce lead times.

4) Reducing product touches to prevent the occurrence of errors and damages to goods, which lower the number of customer complaints and efforts of rechecking and repackaging and hence lead-time reduction.

5) Never allow pickers to reach empty locations, which will reduce travel times and, ultimately, lead times.

6) Measure consistently and persistently the accuracy, productivity, as well as dimensions of the product. The picking accuracy and performance directly affect customer satisfaction levels; thus, maintaining accuracy and speed is crucial (Murray, 2019).

7) Pick logically and slot intelligently. Slotting enhances the intensity of storage while reducing congestion, product damage, and accidents. It also improves the time for retrieving items (Apsuser, 2018).

8) Ensure the picking process is accurate by getting it right the first time. Correct picks reduce the overall lead times and ensure timely deliveries to customers, increasing their satisfaction (Glynn, 2020).

9) Continue learning and exploring. Warehouse managers should adopt new methods and technologies that improve accuracy, speed, productivity and reduces lead times, which will keep customers happy.

10) Finally, advocate for constant improvement. Continuously evaluating the picking process will help identify inefficient areas that extend the lead times and may lead to low customer satisfaction.

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