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ESSAY: To prepare for this course’s Practicum Experience, reflect on implications of age-related changes in geriatric patients.

To prepare for this course’s Practicum Experience, reflect on implications of age-related changes in geriatric patients. Explain how you might differentiate between normal behaviors/disorders due to aging and abnormal behavior/disorders that are not age related. Include how functional assessments might help distinguish “normal” from “abnormal.”

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Resnick, B. (Ed.). (2016). Geriatric nursing review syllabus: A core curriculum in advanced practice geriatric nursing (5th ed.). New York, NY: American Geriatrics Society.

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Changes in Geriatric Patients

Geriatric patients are faced with several age-related changes that have different implications. Such changes include reduced cardiac output, development of arteriosclerosis increase in blood pressure, impaired gas exchange and a slower expiratory flow rates (Shanas, Townsend, Wedderburn, Friis, Milhoj, & Stehouwer, 2017). All these changes have significant implications on the management of these patients. Such implications entail changes in response to drugs that are commonly used. This may force the Geriatric team to change the kind of medicine administered. Other implications are alteration in metabolism, rational preventive programs of diet and exercise so as to delay certain changes.

 There are different behaviors that are normal to an aging person while others are termed abnormal.  These differences can be noted in several ways. Drastic weight loss may be associated with abnormal aging. This weight loss may be accompanied by changes in skin color (which at times is normal) but if the hair is suddenly thinning with lost pigmentation then that is an abnormal aging (Flaherty, Fulmer, & Mezey, 2003). Changes in abilities can also be associated with abnormal aging. Inability to undertake simple independent activities such as walking maybe a normal aging process but if accompanied by joint pains, injury or limited flexibility then that may be abnormal especially for an elderly who has been healthy before. Functional assessments can also be carried out to determine if an elderly is aging normally or abnormally. An elder’s inability to perform self-care and other social roles of everyday life may imply that he/she is aging….

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